Our Farm

A key component in satisfying our mission to cultivate and preserve Sylvester Manor is our organic farm.

The farm, which is in its fourth full year of operation, grows fruits and vegetables in a place that has been, at times, a native american hunting ground, a feudal plantation staffed by slaves, a market farm selling to cities across the northeast, and the country estate of Eben Norton Horsford, the father of modern food chemistry.

Each of these eras had their own unique culture of food — who grew it, how it was processed, how it was sold, and the skills, songs, dances, and stories that accompanied food at all stages. Each era was a unique answer to the question: How do we feed ourselves well?

Today, the vision is to explore Sylvester Manor’s history by inviting the community to share food grown on the property, to attend workshops, concerts, dances and other events that shed light on food, culture and place.

The farm is managed by Julia Trunzo and worked by a dedicated  crew of young people from all over the world.
We hope you’ll join us!

Acres in fruit, flowers and vegetables: 4
Acres in cover crop, pasture or field: 67
Employees: 5
Volunteers: Dozens
#of crops we’ll grow: Still counting!
CSA Families: 125
Number of restaurants served: 6